Joe Hall 

Personal Trainer
Next Level Personal Training
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, since 2006
USAF Veteran, 22 years

A little about me...
          My first step into a real gym, was my Freshman year in Highschool. I was on the Baseball, Basketball and Football team and I weighed a whopping 128 pounds. I really had no idea what I was doing, but I just kind of followed along with what I saw and tried to remember the things I had read about in Muscle & Fitness magazines. As much as I wanted to be muscular and “Big”, no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work. My senior year of Highschool, I made it to 133 pounds (I think it was raining that day!).

          I joined the Air Force in late 1991, after a short go at the University of Florida (Football). The first few years were a blur with deployments and TDY’s and about five years in, I was deployed and decided to start working out again. I took more time to learn about good form and the basics and finally made some decent gains and I haven’t stopped working out since.

          After training a few of the people I worked with over the years, I decided to become a certified personal trainer (2006), but didn’t really utilize that certification until 2016. I focused my education on different training techniques, supplementation, injury rehabilitation and strength training; and I am continuing my training education to become certified in Fitness Nutrition.

My Philosophy:
          As a personal trainer, my focus is on my client’s goal/s and as each person is different, my training plans are different and specific to each person’s needs. I am a “proper form” stickler and believe that you will get more from an exercise with proper form and a lighter weight than you will with poor form and a heavier weight; this mentality also helps limit injuries. I am a motivator and will push my clients to achieve their goals, set by set and rep by rep.