Stacey Chrysco

Personal Trainer
CPR/First Aid/AED

A little about me...
I would consider myself a competitive athlete, as well as a 10 year Group Fitness Instructor. I'm certified by the American Council on Exercise, with CPR, First Aid,& AED through the American Red Cross. I've always enjoyed being outside, staying active, and an eclectic array of sports, as well as teaching spin, swim lessons, and aerobics. My favorite sports are surfing and snowboarding, and it's important to stay in the gym to continue to enjoy them.
My first aerobics class was in 2002, when I stepped into the gym for dry land training 3 days a week, while conditioning for the Downhill Alpine Race Team at Shasta High School. I loved the aerobics class and our instructor.  I was in the girls' snowboarding division for four years from 2002-2006.
When I first started, it was a huge struggle as I was a Floridian taking up a new sport in the snow. But, with much hard work and endurance In 2005, I qualified for the California/Nevada Interscholastic Junior Snowboarding Championship in Mammoth, Ca. My event was downhill Giant Slalom.
In 2006, I graduated high school and decided to make my way back down South to continue my education and spend time with my father. I felt lost without snowboarding and went through a depression and loss. So, I took up surfing. I fell in love with surfing and have competed and placed in 3 different competitions so far.
It has not been easy juggling it all as a Mommy of 3, but it is well worth it. I love helping and encouraging others to eat the right things and exercise, so that they may experience the joy and freedom of being fit and in shape.
One of my favorite quotes is "If you don't have your health, you don't have anything." by Chuck Pagano.
Many people in my family have fought and struggled with obesity because of the same old habits and I made the decision a long time ago that it was time to change the family tree.